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Request help with an Automation Project

The Automation initiative at Airline is really an involvement by us in the first 70% of your automation project. Airline is not a systems integrator. Rather, we are a component integrator. We partner with our automation customers to provide:

  • Machine Bases and Framing
  • Servo and Stepper motor Motion Control
  • Pneumatic Sequence Control and Motion Control
  • PLC Sequence Control
  • Sensor Control
  • Feeding Technology
  • Conveying Technology

Videos on different types of Conveyors and how to service them.

How to Belts
  1. Feeding Belt
  2. Belt Travel
  3. Belt Grinding
  4. Belt Grinding
  5. Belt Tensioning
  6. Belt Tensioning
  7. Gluing
  8. Heating
  9. Curing
  1. TS4plus1
  2. TSplus_OverUnder
  3. TSplus1
  4. TSplus2
  5. TSplus-240x160
  6. TSplus-400x400
  7. VPTU
  8. VPTU2
  1. VarioFlow 1
  2. VarioFlow 2

Scara Robot
  1. Scara

Following are examples of Automation Projects:

    A recent project was to build and test of a semi-automatic assembly line conforming to their written specifications. The equipment used was the Bosch TSplus family of modular components. This conveyor handled pallets 480 mm x 480 mm, traveling at 12 meters per minute, in a rectangular conveyor configuration. (Sometimes, we don't get to know what our machine is actually doing.)

This shows the control panel for this system.

Here is a motor, emergency stop, and circuit box.

Here is some of the circuitry.

Here is a view of one of the conveyors.

This shows the layout of the rectangular conveyor.

Here is another view of the conveyor with some of the vision systems.

Each of the above machines are a result of a partnership between Airline and a Systems Integrator or End User. Airline provided Framing, Motion Control, Pneumatics, PLCs and the Integrator or End User provided the tooling necessary to make the Machine Functional.




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