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Gresen Pumps
    Gresen Pumps have become the choice of major original equipment manufacturers. These pumps have been designed to operate under the most demanding conditions. From prolonged use to contaminated environments - we know what your system must face each day. Whatever your application, Gresen has a pump to meet your needs. Standard pumps, dump pumps, dry valve pumps, wet valve pumps, and valve/pump combinations offer a wide variety of alternatives to give your system the flow required to operate at peak efficiency. Other options include a variety of compact frame sizes, mounting configurations and shaft, flange and porting designs to fit your application. In addition, you can choose from aluminum or cast iron construction and single or multiple sections.

    To us, efficiency means many things, including saving horsepower, reducing fuel usage and lengthening the service life of the pump, as well as the entire system. As a result, Gresen pumps are designed with various features to increase your system’s efficiency. Gear pumps range from 0.0014 GPR to 0.0832 GPR and flow capabilities for single-section pumps range from 1 GPM to 200 GPM. Gresen pumps can also accommodate pressures up to 4000 PSI. In addition to conventional gear pumps, High Speed Low Torque (HSLT) gerotor style pumps and motors are also offered by Gresen. These pumps and motors range from 0.00095 GPR to 0.00303 GPR, accommodating pressures up to 2500 PSI and speeds up to 5000 RPM. Vane pumps are also available.

    To ensure the quality and durability of our pumps, experts conduct tests on the volumetric efficiency of units. Random life-testing over one million cycles is also conducted under controlled conditions in a lab capable of testing pumps up to 600 HP. The result is a pump you can depend on to keep your system flowing efficiently.

Gresen valves, filters, vane pumps, and controllers

     Gresen directional control and accessory valves offer you the flexibility to make your system operate the way you need it to operate. With a wide array of valve styles and operating capabilities at your selection, Gresen valves maximize the control of your system through various valve combinations limited only by your imagination. The strength of monoblock designs, the versatility of sectional designs and the flexibility of various porting, spool action and circuit options,are just a few of the fundamental benefits you’ll find with Gresen valves.

    And for even smoother operation and tighter control, we offers pressure compensation and electronic control options. Pressure compensation allows you to maintain constant flow and control regardless of load changes, while electronic control options permit precise metering of flow and gradual adjustments in speed. Gresen can also prepare your system for remote operations through pneumatics, hydraulics, or electronics. For even greater efficiency from your system, explore the variety and benefits of Gresen accessory valves. Choose between block and cartridge styles in different design options, including valve combinations in integrated circuits. And if your imagination has conjured up a unique valve design or spool to enhance a new or existing application, Airline is there to create a tailor-made design to turn your vision into reality. The standard line of Gresen accessory valves can accommodate pressures up to 5000 PSI and flows up to 60 GPM.

    Smooth and simple operation, low pressure drops, and low leak-down rates are advantages of Gresen valves. From the castings to the spools, seals, springs and poppet seats, these directional control and accessory valves are built to give you the control your system needs.

Gresen Electronis Controls

     The ability to perform precise mobile fluid power operations, without slow and awkward adjustments, is critical to meeting tight schedules and tight budgets. With Gresen electronic controls, beating such deadlines and providing your customer with accurate, cost-effective results have become much easier. By combining electronic- and computer-based technologies, Gresen has produced a variety of electronic valves and controllers to increase the precision of your system. These products, together with Gresen’s advanced logic boards, make the operation of hydraulic controls an almost effortless task. Yet, hydraulic response remains quick and accurate. The benefits of such controlled performance enhance any operation - whether your application requires complex proportional control or simple on/off capabilities. The Gresen Electro-Proportional Control (EPC) valves give you the power to create a new proportional control system. The digital capabilities of these valves produce exceptional control over pressure or flow. However, if you have an existing hydraulic or mechanical system you would like to convert to proportional control, we have has the electronic controls to fit your needs as well. Pulse Signal Manifolds (PSM) are available to adapt existing hydraulic piloted valves to proportional control. In addition, Pulse Signal Actuators (PSA) are available, providing the flexibility of bolt-on proportional control to existing lever valves.

    If your application requires standard on/off capabilities, Gresen’s solenoid valves are the ideal choice. These valves supplement the performance of many Gresen directional control and accessory valves by providing the precision and quick response available through electronic control. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is the signal that enables you to digitally control your system. Not only does Gresen provide logic boards to convert electronic signals into PWM, but it also offers boards to transmit digital data. Other Gresen electronic products include joysticks for infinite variations of digital control and hand terminals for on-site system set-up, calibration and troubleshooting. In addition, control boxes and a selection of remote controllers for single or dual configurations and proportional or on/off applications are available.

Gresen Electronis Controls

     The invaluable component of any mobile fluid power system is a filter. Whether or not your system operates in a highly contaminated environment, filters are necessary to refine your system’s fluid and to maintain the service life of system components. Gresen offers a complete line of high quality filters, including spin-on filters, replaceable element canister filters and sump strainers. These filters feature a wide range of elements, from cleanable wire mesh to high-performance fiber glass elements. You can also choose from NPT, SAE, or BSP port options. Aluminum heads are standard on all Gresen filters, and cast iron heads are optional on several models. Bypass valves are another standard feature on the appropriate filters. Not only do Gresen filters handle the contamination of your environment, they also withstand a broad range of demanding operating temperatures - from -65° F to 250° F. In addition, filter condition indicators, as well as pressure and vacuum gages and switches are also available to assist you in maintaining the efficiency of your system.

     Whether or not your system operates in a highly contaminated environment, Gresen filters help keep your system refined; and as a result, are ready to operate at your command.

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