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Bucher Hydraulics (Monarch)
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     Bucher Hydraulics (formerly Monarch) manufactures AC and DC hydraulic power units, T-series industrial power packs, hydraulic cylinders, and Dyna-Lift Ergonomic systems. The Bucher AC and DC units are economically priced and offer a wide selection of pump displacements, reservoirs, and valve combinations. With local inventory, Airline can provide AC and DC power units for same day shipment. These Hydraulic systems come in every shape and size to fit your exact hydraulic power unit needs.

AC Power Units

     AC powered units provide a wide range of motors, reservoirs, as well as integral and manifold valve options. AC power units for commercial and industrial applications offer:

  • Displacements: 0.25-12.0 GPM (0.95-45.0 Liters)
  • Pressures to 4000 PSI (276 bar)
Monarch/Bucher AC Hydraulic Power Unit

DC Power Units

     DC powered units offer an unrivaled selection of features. DC power units have compact designs with integrated and manifold valve circuits. 

  • Displacements from 0.40-8.00 GPM (1.50-30.0 Liters)
  • Pressures to 4000 PSI (276 bar)
Monarch/Bucher DC Hydraulic Power Unit
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