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    Nason is a manufacturer of Pneumatic and Hydraulic cylinders, pressure switches,tempurature switches and vacuum switches. This company also takes pride in their ability to build custom part fittings which would adapt the products to your specific needs.

Product Information:


  For over 55 years, Nason has earned a reputation for high-performance and rugged reliability in industrial switches. When we decided to move into pneumatic cylinders, we knew we were putting that reputation on the line. So, we made the commitment that, unless we could build a better cylinder, we wouldn’t do it. We started with a blank piece of paper. We asked tough questions. We sought out design engineers to find out what attributes were important to them. We tore apart the competition. We basically started from scratch. With this catalog, Nason expands its pneumatic cylinder line adding guided load carrying cylinders and a 1500 PSI hydraulic cylinder line.

Smaller. Stronger. Smarter.
Nason cylinders are smaller. But, smaller means more than just space efficient – our cylinders deliver the same power in a smaller form than our competition. Stronger means that our cylinders provide longer life than the competition’s cylinders, giving you significantly more cycles of productive work. And Nason is smart enough to realize that design engineers have their own ideas about how they want ports and mountings configured. So our approach to manufacturing means we’re able to customize our cylinders to meet your needs. We think that’s a smarter way to do business. That’s why Nason Cylinders are a smarter choice.

   At Nason, we’re kind of fanatical about responding to our customers’ exact requests. It’s what sets Nason apart. So for most design engineers, this catalog is not just our product listing… it’s their starting point.

Our thinking is: a design engineer shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time reworking the design around a switch. We believe Nason, as the switch manufacturer, should do everything we possibly can to make the switch absolutely exactly right for the way the designer wants it.

Of course, when it comes to switches, Nason already has the industry’s widest range of options including set points, fluid and electrical connections, switch circuitry, current ratings, severe service and more. In this edition of our catalog alone you will find 16 new pressure/vacuum switch media connection designations and 16 new temperature media connections.

What’s more, our manufacturing strategy means we’re able to deliver your switch quickly, economically, even for prototype assignments.

So, when it comes to making switches that meet your exact needs, we deliver. We don’t think of that as custom work… we think of it as customer service.

That’s what Nason’s New Thinking is all about.

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