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    Announcing our appointment as the distributor for White Drive Products, a leading global supplier of hydraulic motors and drive system products for mobile and industrial applications.With motors that are interchangeable with most competitive models, White Drive Products offers many options for numerous applications.

RS Series Motors

  RS Series motors are the most economical model in the White Drive Products product line. Unlike competitive products using power robbing, two-piece rotor set designs with sliding contact points, RS Series motors utilize the patented Roller Stator® design. Seven precision rollers for the contact points reduce friction, providing more power and longer life for your application.

HB Series Motors

  The HB Series motor is the leader in its class, offering high efficiency and durability. The three-zone orbiting valve, laminated manifold and Roller Stator® motor work harmoniously to produce high overall efficiencies over a wide range of operating conditions.

RE Series Motors

  RE Series motors offer the perfect compromise between price and performance by producing power at a reasonable cost. Although these motors perform well in a wide range of applications, they are especially suited for low flow, high pressure applications.

DR Series Motors

  Due to its case drain design, the DR Series motor is an excellent medium size motor for applications with high-duty cycles or frequent direction reversal. The case drain design produces a number of benefits including reduction of pressure on the shaft seal and the ability to provide a cooling loop for the system.

DT Series Motors

  The most amazing aspect of the DT Series motor is its huge torque potential from its relatively small size. The DT Series motor is capable of producing output torque comparable to competitive designs, but from a package that is both shorter and lighter. The savings in space and weight in no way compromises durability, as the motor uses massive shafts, bearings and drive links to transmit the torque produced by this powerful package.

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