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Atmospheres Atm bar bar 1.013250
BTU/hour Btu/h kilowatts kW 0.293071 x 10-3
cubic centimeters cm3 liters l 0.001
cubic centimeters cm3 milliliters ml 1.0
cubic feet ft3 cubic meters m3 0.0283168
cubic feet ft3 liters l 28.3161
cubic inches in3 cubic centimeters cm3 16.3871
cubic inches in3 liters l 0.0163866
degrees(angle) o radians rad 0.0174533
Fahrenheit oF Celsius oC oC=(oF-32)/1.8
feet ft meters m 0.3048
feet of water ft H2O bar bar 0.0298907
fluid ounces, UK UKfl oz cubic centimeters cm3 28.413
fluid ounces, US USfl oz cubic centimeters cm3 29.5735
foot pounds f ft lbf joules J 1.35582
foot pounds/minute ft lbf/min watts W 81.3492
gallons, UK UKgal liters l 4.54596
gallons, US USgal liters l 3.78531
horsepower hp kilowatts kW 0.7457
inches of mercury inHg millibar mbar 33.8639
inches of water inH2O millibar mbar 2.49089
inches in centimeters cm 2.54
inches in millimeters mm 25.4
kilogram force kgf newtons N 9.80665
kilogram f. meter kgf m newton meters Nm 9.80665
kilogram f./sq. centimeter kgf/cm2 bar bar 0.980665
kilopascals kPa bar bar 0.01
kiloponds kp newtons N 9.80665
kilopond meters kp m newton meters Nm 9.80665
kiloponds/cubic centimeter kp/cm3 bar bar 0.980665
metric horsepower kilowatts kW 0.735499
microinches in microns m 0.0254
millimeters of mercury mmHg millibar mbar 1.3332
millimeters of water mmH2O millibar mbar 0.09806
newtons/square centimeter N/cm2 bar bar 0.1
newtons/square meter N/m2 bar bar 10-5
pascals(newtons/sq. meter) Pa bar bar 10-5
pints,UK UKpt liters l 0.568245
pints,US USliq pt liters l 0.473163
pounds(mass) lb kilograms kg 0.4536
pounds/cubic foot lb/ft3 kilograms/cubic meter kg/m3 16.0185
pounds/cubic inch lb/in3 kilograms/cubic centimeter kg/cm3 0.0276799
pounds force lbf newtons N 4.44822
pounds force feet lbf ft newton meters Nm 1.35582
pounds force inches lbf in newton meters Nm 0.112985
pounds force/square inches lbf/in2 bar bar 0.06894
revolutions/minute r/min or RPM radians/second rad/s or RPS 0.104720
square feet ft2 square meters m2 0.092903
square inches in2 square meters m2 6.4516 x 10-4
square inches in2 square centimeters cm2 6.4516
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