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   Innovative products, market and customer orientation, teamwork, motivated employees and commitment to quality are the foundations of our success. And we take great pride in it!

  Murrelektronik, founded in 1975 in Oppenweiler, is today a leading manufacturer worldwide of state-of-the-art technology in electrical engineering and electronics.

  Our corporate philosophy in the field of automation technology is to offer you, our customer, "practical, field-tested products and complete systems for the control, measuring and monitoring of machines, installations and production lines." Of foremost importance to us is our relationship with our customers.

   We aim to improve our competitiveness by providing better products, performance, prices, quality, delivery and service. The dynamics and flexibility of our team, coupled with a cooperative management culture, minimal hierarchy and quick decision-making are hallmarks of Murrelektronik. Our success has been underscored and reconfirmed many times over through ISO 9001 certification.

Safety I/O Modules

Depending on the application, machine installations can be subdivided into safe and unsafe zones. Experience in mechanical engineering has shown that approximately 90 % of technical safety applications comply with the requirements of EN 954-1, Category 3, and just10 % comply with the highest level, Category 4 (Source: VDW). Active safety technology products are designed for applications in accordance with the provisions of EN 954-1 Category 4, which is a technically and financially challenging approach that often exceeds practical requirements.

Passive Safety Technology

  • Represents a milestone on the road to safety technology.
  • Complies with all EN 954-1, Category 3 requirements.
  • Has impressive technical and financial advantages.
  • The requirements are determined on the basis of the relevant standards. The new prEN ISO 13849-1 standard represents a balancing act between the deterministic EN 954-1 standard and the probabilistic DIN EN IEC 61508 standard (Source: BGIA).
Emergency Stop Wiring

Passive safety distributors replace manually wired EMERGENCY STOP terminal boxes in the field. 2-channel EMERGENCY STOP buttons can be quickly and easily connected using preterminated M12 cables by means of the safety distributor. The distributor automatically combines individual buttons to create an EMERGENCY STOP loop. Additional M12 plug-in locations for acknowledge buttons and machine lamps also make installation easier. The safety distributor indicates the point at which the EMERGENCY STOP loop has been interrupted when an EMERGENCY STOP button is pressed. This has tremendous advantages during service and maintenance.

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