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We add value!
Airline's automation group has the in-house capability to add value to our products by customizing them to meet your requirements:
  1. A member of our team of industry experts will consult with you at your site and develop concepts based on your needs.
  2. The engineering group at Airline will generate a 3D drawing for your approval.
  3. Airline has state-of-the-art fabrication facilities where we integrate our pneumatic, automation, control and framing products to deliver cost-effective solutions.
  4. Airline utilizes Bosch Rexroth aluminum framing as the structure for many projects, including conveyor systems, work stations, clean rooms and machine guards.
  5. Our skilled technicians fabricate pneumatic and electric panels, assemblies and sub-systems utilizing the latest technologies.
  6. Airline’s field service team can deliver and install your newly-manufactured product, service existing equipment or perform preventive maintenance.
Check out some automation application examples...
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ROSS CONTROLS is a global manufacturer of pneumatic valves, control systems and safety products. Their products are used  anywhere compressed air is used to perform a work process.



Line-mounted valves can be placed close to the action.  The rugged construction of the line-mounted valve allows it to be effective in harsh environments. Their durability makes them ideal for industries that tend to be dirtier than most.  Line-mounted valves feature poppet internals and are simple to maintain. ROSS line-mounted valves are frequently used in the
aluminum, glass, steel, and forest products industries.




Base-mounted valves are ideal for highly automated processes. Base-mounted valves can be replaced quickly without losing significant manufacturing time. When repairs are necessary, the valve can be removed from the base, leaving all piping still assembled. They are useful in applications with space restrictions. ROSS base-mounted valves are used in numerous settings, including the automotive and beverage processing industries. 




L-O-X Valves 

   OSHA has established federal regulations regarding the "control of energy sources" in manufacturing. These regulations require energy shutoff devices to be installed on pneumatically powered equipment. L-O-X valves have been manufactured for more than 30 years. They are the most specified valve of their kind throughout the world, and they provide an immediate shutoff of system air supply. 
   ROSS also offers a combination unit of the L-O-X valve and the EEZ-ON valve. The L-O-X/EEZ-ON valves provides the features of both the individual valve, but in one body. For more information, click the L-O-X/EEZ-ON valve...

EEZ-ON Valves 

EEZ-ON Valves gently turn on air for pneumatic circuits.  When compressed air is initially applied to a pneumatic circuit, the working parts may move suddenly, potentially causing machine damage or injury to employees. The EEZ-ON valve provides a gradual startup by allowing a gradual and adjustable increase in downstream pressure. 




Check valves allow full flow through a pneumatic circuit, but in only one direction. They are ideal for applications in which reverse flow of air pressure is unnecessary or detrimental.
Pilot-operated check valves operate like regular check valves. They flow in only one direction, but when the pilot is actuated, the check valve is forced open so flow can go both ways. The pilot-operated check valve can stop a cylinder in any position.




A flow control valve should be used on almost every pneumatic circuit. Some are mounted inline while others are placed directly into cylinder ports. Flow control valves allow air flow to go in both directions. In one direction, flow is at full speed. In the other direction, flow is metered. By managing the air flow out of the cylinder, a flow control valve controls the speed of the cylinder. Cylinder speed determines the speed of work processes.

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