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Process Isolation Enclosures
Machine Safeguarding Main Page
    As part of Airline's safety products and services, process isolation enclosures provide a simple solution for providing protection from hazardous materials. The enclosures are made from Bosch structural framing, and built to your specifications or needs. These enclosures can provide a cost-effective way to save space in your facility, while providing safe environement for your workers.

View a presentation of some of the safegaurds, vacuum hoods or clean rooms in the field, installed by Airline Hydraulics.
A basic enclosure An enclosure with fume hood
Some Applications:
  • Drug Discovery Automation
  • Fume Hoods
  • Dispensing Units
  • Liquid Handlers
  • Powder Mixing Station Guards
    Airline makes the transition from paper to plastic and metal easily. We have made a name for ourselves in the safety products and services market by providing excellent service with a quality product.
**View a presentation of some of the safegaurds, vacuum hoods or clean rooms in the field, installed by Airline Hydraulics.

Here is a Recent Project

(Showing the cost and the components use to build)
Components used to Assemble(CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM)
  • Bosch Aluminum Extrusion Clear Anodized Finish
  • PVC Panels Can Upgrade To Honey Comb Panels
  • Lexan Windows & Panels
  • Sealed Clean Room Lighting Fixtures (125 foot candles)
  • Operator Walk-in Doors & Gown Room(Existing)
  • 8 Foot Ceiling Height
  • Class 100,000 Environment(HEPA Filters)
  • Positive Pressure
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Material
  • Smoke Detectors
  • 8 Clean Room Depot HEPA Filters
  • 6 Class 100 Cleanroom Lighting Fixtures
    • Electronic Ballasts & T-8 Tubes - 125 Foot Candles Power
  • Integrated Control Panel
    • 1 Manometer Gauges
    • Lights
    • 50% Lead/Lag Fan-Switch Filter Switching
  • Documentation Package
    • System Components
    • IQ/OQ Protocol
    • Documents In cGMP Format
Ceiling Components
  • Bosch Aluminium Extrusion Clear Anodized Finish
  • Sealed Centra Panels
  • Sealed Clean Room Lighting Fixtures
  • Clean Room Depot Fan Filter Units
  • Class 100 Clean Room Lights
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Materials
  • Master Operator Panels For All Hepa's - Multi-Zones
  • 24"x48" Panels
Fan Filter Units
  • Clean Room Depot 24 x 48 FFU's
  • 99.99% Efficiency Motorized FFU's
  • Removable 14"x20" by 1" 30% ASHRAE Prefilter
  • Variable Speed Switch
  • Down Screen Protective Mesh
  • Factory Tested and Gasketed
  • Princing Includes One Lot of Spare PRe-Filters
  • All Filters Are Wired
  • All Filters Are Factory Tested
Class 100 Clean Room Filter Population
  • Positive Pressure Room
  • Class 100,000 Envirnoment
  • Populated To Provide For Proper Flow
  • Each FFU Provides 640 CFM
  • Minimun Of 0.05" Pressure
Documentation Package
We Can Supply A Documentation Package That Includes The Following
  • IQ'OQ Documentation For Turnkey Project
  • For Wall Systems, Doors, Windows, Sealants
  • Lighting, Filters and Instrumentation
  • This Includes All Aspects Of Installation, Start Up
  • Calibration & Verification Of Operating Parameters
  • FFU Start Up & Damper Adjustments For Proper
  • Air Balance
Design Comments
Clean Room Environment Considerations There Are Heat Loads For Clean Room Conditions
  1. Lighting 6 Fixtures @ 116 watts/fixture = 3,180 BTU/hr
  2. FFU @ 8 units @ 341 watts/unit            = 9,298 BTU/hr
  3. Process Equipment(estimate) 5 KW      = 17,070 BTU/hr
  4. Personnel, assume 6 @ 600 BTU/per    = 3,600 BTU/hr
  5. Total                                                           = 33,148 BTU/hr
  6. Or 2.75 tons of cooling
  7. Note: Heat Generation is Cumulative
System Overview
  • Construct New Class 100,000 Clean room 20'x 20'
  • Positive Pressure Manufacturing Suite
  • Pre-Assemble & Installation Options
  • Provide Documentation
  • Provide Ongoing Support During Plant Startup & I/Q O/Q Validation Protocols If Required
Project Timing
  • The Project Timing Will Be Coordinated Between Airline & HVAC Contractors & Acculogix Personnel
  • 4-6 Weeks Delivery Of Bosch Components
  • 4-5 Days Installation Of The Bosch Clean Room
  • We Can Provide Our Own Installation Crews or In Kit Form
  • Pre-Assembled Kit
  • Installation
  • The Project Is Within Our Capabilities
  • The Companies Involved Have Signifacant Experience
  • Effective Cost & Size Of Rooms
  • Tax Advantages
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Equipment
  • Simple Product Flow
  • The Program Can Be Accomplished In Stages
  • Companies Providing Service Local
  • Modifications Can Be Made To Accommodate Changes
The Results:
  • Reduced Contamination
  • Scientist and Laboratory Technician Safety
  • Safely Separates Lab Personnel and Solvent Fumes
  • Walk-in Hoods Provide HUGE Cost Savings Over Dedicated Rooms with Special Ventalation
  • Visual Observation of Process and Personnel
  • Equipment is more Portable with the Custom Mobile Table Option
  • Higher Product Yield
  • Fast and East Installation
  • Custom Design Support, Manufacturing Services-(Premachined Kitting, Assembly), Installation options
  • All this and these enclosures provide a Particle-Free Environment
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