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 Automation Training
Airline Hydraulics' automation training classes are designed to provide students with the knowledge and experience required to meet the demands of today’s technological workplace. By empowering employees with the crucial knowledge necessary to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace, the return on investment is immediate. Our instructors have over 20 years of factory automation experience, making the learning experience tangible through application examples and hands-on training. Our classes are normally taught at Airline’s facilities, but arrangements can be made with our training group to have standard or specially designed courses held at your facility. Individual course descriptions follow. Regularly scheduled classes include Basic PLC Programming and Troubleshooting (E2) and Advanced PLC Programming (E4). In addition, Airline offers the following classes upon request: Sensor Workshop (E1), Introduction to Operator Interface Programming (E5), Stepper and Servo Motor Basics (E6), DeviceNet Training (E7), Industrial Networking (E8) and Oriental Motor Indexer Training (E11). Contact training@airlinehyd.com for more information.
Automation, Conveyor, Logic, Programming, Sensors (Training)

Basic PLC Programming and Troubleshooting (E2)

Designed for the beginner with no previous experience, this class will cover basic programming steps, advanced functions and the student will gain insight into the cause and effect of machines being controlled by PLCs. Whether you wish to replace hard wired relay and timer systems, or you require shift registers, math functions and data manipulation, you will benefit from this course. You will get hands-on programming experience with the Omron CP1 programmable controller...a high powered PLC in a small package. Students will program utilizing Omron CX Programmer software. The second day, which is optional, will be an application workshop providing the student with an opportunity to work on real-world PLC programming problems. Bring a laptop computer, if possible.

Major topics include:
  • Basic functions
  • Introduction to hardware
  • Number systems
  • Hardware configuration
  • Special functions
  • Basic logic
  • Advanced functions
  • Input/output interfacing
  • NPN vs. PNP
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Program modification and monitoring
1 day price: $300 per person, 2 day price: $550

Class Schedule (Click a link below to register)
Bensalem, PA
6/6/2017 to 6/7/2017
9/26/2017 to 9/27/2017
Pittsburgh, PA
4/11/2017 to 4/12/2017

Class runs from 8:30am to 5pm and Lunch is provided.

Advanced PLC Programming (E4)

Get hands-on training using the powerful Omron CP1H High End Programmable Logic Controller. This two day course will familiarize you with the configuration software and applications of the Omron CP1H. All attendees will receive a workbook, an applications lab manual and an operation manual. Upon completion of this course, you will understand local and remote input/output, memory areas, configuring, special functions and programming techniques.

Major topics include:
  • Logic and editing
  • Timers, counters and temporary relays
  • Interlocks, jumps and differentiation
  • Shift register, binary arithmetic and BCD
  • Move, add, subtract and compare
  • High speed counter applications
  • Communications, interrupts, CAM positioning applications
2 Days / Price: $550 per person

Class Schedule (Click a link below to register)
Bensalem, PA
6/13/2017 to 6/14/2017
10/24/2017 to 10/25/2017
York, PA
10/10/2017 to 10/11/2017

Class runs from 8:30am to 5pm and Lunch is provided.

Introduction to Control Electricity (ICE)

Airline has partnered with Applied Motion Technologies (AMT), a technology training provider. AMT’s training facility utilizes real industrial components to reinforce instructor-lead training on electrical control technology.

This first level electrical training course is designed for maintenance technicians that have responsibility for all aspects of machine and process operation. Many lab exercises using electrical devices are integrated into this training course. Students learn the electrical symbols for all electrical control components and they develop their ability to read and interpret ladder logic electrical schematics. This course provides a high level of electrical understanding in a short period of time.
Click here for detailed description.

Bethlehem, PA
11/27/2017 to 12/1/2017

Class runs from 8am to 4:45pm and Lunch is provided.

PLCs for Industrial Maintenance Technicians (PLCs)

The use of PLC's in manufacturing facilities is virtually universal. And, learning to access the PLC program for the purpose of reading and interpreting PLC programs is not hard to do with proper training. You don't need to be an electrician either! Learn about input conditioning, analog inputs and outputs that show numerical data like pressure, temperature, level, vacuum, distance and speed. Learn where the numerical data is hidden and how to interpret it. Learn about the use of on delay, off delay and on/off delay functions for proper line and conveyor control. Learn to use counters, LIFO and FIFO stack control. Learn to interpret various math functions and how to 'scale' numerical data. Learn to use logical comparisons with numerical data. (PDF)

Bethlehem, PA
5/1/2017 to 5/5/2017
7/31/2017 to 8/4/2017
9/25/2017 to 9/29/2017
12/4/2017 to 12/8/2017

Class runs from 8am to 4:45pm and Lunch is provided.

Unscheduled Classes

Airline also offers the following unscheduled classes upon request. The time and location for these classes will be arranged on an as-needed basis. To register, click a 'Schedule a Training Session' link below. You will be notified of the date and location of the class once we have received four or more registrations. You may also schedule training at your facility.

Industrial Maintenance Electrician (IME)

This training course, centered on industrial power and control, is for maintenance personnel tasked with electrical maintenance responsibilities at their workplace who need to increase their knowledge. This is a 64-hour training course, provided in two separately-scheduled 4-day training modules.
Click here for detailed description.
For those currently working in the general area of industrial electrical maintenance regardless of formal training, this is training course is not designed as entry-level training or as introductory training.

Two 4-day Modules 64 Hours Price $5,600 per person
Schedule a Training Session

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