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Technical Information
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FREE Oil Sample Analysis
Nearly 85% of hydraulic component failures result from contaminated oil!
Our service professionals will work with you to analyze component or system oil samples with manufacturer’s recommendations for ISO cleanliness levels. We offer a FREE laboratory oil analysis to inform you of the potential for future problems with your hydraulic system.

Fluid Service Program

The presence of water in hydraulic oil reduces the life of costly hydraulic components. We now have a Hydac FAM unit which we offer as a rental (purchasing options available) for removing water, gases and dirt from hydraulic power unit reservoirs. Click here to find out more about our Fluid Service Program.

Click here to receive a FREE ISO Cleanliness Guideline poster

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Product Information:

     We're ready to utilize the vast Hydac product line to help your application design succeed. We have a wide range of fluid-power products: Hydraulic Filters, Accumulators, Valves, Clamps, Electronics, and Compact Hydraulic Systems.
     HYDAC products can provide fluid power solutions to OEMs, manufacturers and end users of a variety of heavy duty mobile and industrial equipment. These solutions increase the efficiency, longevity and safety of fluid power systems - even under extreme conditions.
     Although the demands that industries place on machinery vary depending upon the application - construction and agricultural equipment; offshore; machine tools; pulp and paper industries; forging, mining; aviation; plastic injection molding machines - all types of equipment and systems share one thing in common - the need for improved performance in a cost-effective manner.
       We respond to that need because our company is committed to complete customer satisfaction and to providing high quality products. We are further dedicated to maintaining our position as a fluid power leader by satisfying the ever-changing needs of our customers, and to the evolving demands placed on hydraulic systems.
       Many of our products satisfy ISO standards, as well as many other industry standards, certifications and benchmarks. However, the goal of the innovative Hydac product line is not just to meet these requirements - the goal is to exceed them.

New Products:

Tools and Tips:

Hydac ELD M Air Cooled Oil Coolers

   Featuring a compact footprint, the new coolers are targeted toward mobile equipment such as concrete trucks, mobile cranes, road paving machines, agricultural equipment, as well as transmission cooling.
...read more about Hydac Oil Coolers.


   Hydac offers a full collection in filters for all your applications including High Presure; Low Pressure; Spin-on; Process Filtration Units and Elements.
...read more about Hydac Filters.

   Three distinct accumulator designs are available, ensuring the accumulator fits the application, rather than forcing the application to fit the accumulator. The designs are Bladder, Diaphragm and Piston. Available up to 15,000 psi working pressure. Specialized variations of Diaphragm and Bladder Accumulators are available for pulsation dampening, silencing and shock absorption.
...read more about Hydac Accumulators.

Fluid Service Products

   Hydac offers an extensive Offline Conditioning line, including OLF Series Offline Filters, OLF Compact Offline Filters, OF Portable Filtration Units, and FAM Dewatering and Degassing Filter Carts. 
   Another Fluid service product line is the Diagnostic Equipment line which includes Portable Particle Counters, Particle Counters for Permanent Installation and Portable Test Units.
...read more about Hydac Fluid Services.

Valves, Clamps, & Accessories

   Hydac offers a extensive Offline Conditioning line, including OLF Series Offline Filters, OLF Compact Offline Filters, OF Portable Filtration Units, and FAM Dewatering and Degassing Filter Carts.
   Hydac is also a manufacturer of Ball, Needle, Flow Control, & Check Valves; Hose, Tube, & Pipe Clamps and Reservoir Accessories.
...read more about Hydac Valves.

Electronics - Diagnostics

    Hydac's Pressure & Temperature Transducers & Switches; Flow Rate Meters and Portable Data Recorders are designed to provide exceptional durability and accuracy in demanding industrial and mobile applications.
...read more about Hydac Electronics - Diagnostics.

Compact Hydraulics

   Hydac also specializes in Compact Power Units; Coolers and Conditioning Units; Cartridge Valves; Manifold Assemblies and Controls.
...read more about Hydac Compact Hydraulics.

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