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Technically Speaking Home >> Automation >> Product Spotlight - Bosch Rexroth BSCL Compact Line Ball Rail System

Product Spotlight

Bosch Rexroth BSCL Compact Line Ball Rail System

Recognized as a global leader in linear motion technologies, Bosch Rexroth has introduced a line of high quality, economically priced ball rails, runner blocks, and accessories. Although introduced with the cost conscious in mind, the BSCL family of product maintains the same engineering and design superiority, and product integrity synonymous with the Bosch Rexroth name and reputation.

As is common to all other Bosch Rexroth ball type linear rail and block products, the BSCL incorporates the two point contact, and four row, ball chain “O” arrangement design. The utilization of this particular design allows for high rigidity and balanced load support in the four main directions of loading, while achieving a reduction in friction (drag), heat, and noise, all of which are significantly beneficial to system performance, energy consumption, and product life.

The BSCL series consists of six different, yet popular rail sizes and runner block configurations, and three different accuracy and pre-load classifications. One will be hard pressed to come up with an application that cannot be accommodated by the use of the BSCL product. A number of attachments and accessories are available to protect and extend the life of the BSCL product.

In preparation for the release of this high quality, low cost linear motion product, and the anticipated demand in the marketplace, Airline has invested in a sizeable inventory of raw materials, and the equipment necessary to offer custom rail lengths, cut and finished directly from our in-house inventory. Where deliveries were typically weeks in the making, Airline is prepared to deliver from inventory, BSCL orders within days of your submittal.

Key Features

  • High quality, yet economically priced, to meet a wide range of applications
  • Three-day turnaround on custom rail lengths, cut and finished directly from our in-house inventory
  • Unlimited interchangeability within BSCL line
  • Dimensions according ISO12090-1
  • Conforms to RoHs
  • Very good running performance by means of HP-Effect
  • Maximum rail length 4000 mm
  • All side lubrication ports

Product Information

  • Assembly and Handling
  • Wood Working Machines
  • General Machine Tools

Types (Part #): FNS (R205A…) / FLS (R205B…) / SNS (R205C…) / SLS (R205D…) / SNH (R205E)/ SLH (R205F…)
Sizes: 15-45
Accuracy Classes: N (normal) / H (high) / P(precision)
Pre-load Classes: C0 (without preload), C1 (low preload), C2 (medium preload)
Dynamic Load Cdyn50: 11.500 N up to 99.800 N
Static load C0 11.700 N to 120.000 N
Max. Speed: Up to 3 m/s
Max. Acceleration: 250 m/s²
Lubrication: Oil/grease
Temperature Range: -10°C - 80°C
Rail length: 4.000 mm one-piece