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Product Spotlight

Phoenix Contact FL mGuard

Secure system communication technology for any industrial application

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With the deployment of tens of millions of Ethernet devices into the globalized industrial industry, the Industrial Internet of Things is growing at an exponential rate. Whether it is capturing sensor data, communicating machine-to-machine (M2M), or computing over the cloud, companies can now utilize the collected data for predictive analytics that prevents downtime while increasing production and quality control.

With this shift toward standardization of Ethernet in the industrial world, humans can now remotely communicate with their deployed systems and equipment in real time. And although this benefits users and equipment manufacturers, the use of Ethernet devices also opens a path for cyber-criminals to find ways to exploit vulnerabilities in these industrial machines and networks. The FL mGuard product line from Phoenix Contact addresses both the remote connectivity and security functionality into one product.

The Phoenix Contact mGuard is a high-level, Layer 3 device that combines three main functions into a single piece of hardware: VPN functionality, firewall security, and routing. In conjunction with the mGuard hardware, Phoenix Contact offers a free Secure Cloud service. The mGuard Secure Cloud (mSC) offers operators and machine builders a highly secure, web-based method for instant remote services to any machine or production plant within a client’s network. This free service allows the user to access and troubleshoot remote locations and customer machines in just a few clicks.
mGuard Capabilities
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In the ever-growing Industrial Ethernet world, the mGuard is a very powerful tool to identify and solve complex problems remotely, provide program updates, and commission of new equipment. For users and machine builders, the mGuard is a great way to provide simple, secure, 24/7 support to end customers without expensive downtime, cost, or travel.

Key Features
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN):
    • Provides secure remote connectivity between sites via IPsec VPN
    • Ideal for machine/system commissioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting by parties (i.e. machine builder, contractors, etc.) outside the network
    • Encrypted data transmission
  • Stateful Firewall:
    • Drop in Industrial network protection
    • Configurable stateful inspection firewall with full scope of functions
    • Assured network security preventing unauthorized access and hacks
    • Isolates the production environment from the office environment
    • Configuration is web based and requires no software
    • Configuration can be completed with or without assistance from IT
  • Router:
    • Allows traffic segmentation on large networks
    • NAT 1:1 Functionality for IP address translation in between the network
    • Facilitates more secure and simplified traffic management on large networks.
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