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Haskel Discount Day

Haskel Discount Day

Discount Day

Technically Speaking Blog >> Haskel Discount Day - April 2019

What is Discount Day?

Once per month, on the day of your choice, enter the month's promo code during online checkout and receive 5% off all items from the month’s featured manufacturer. You can find this month's promo code below.

New for 2019: Choose Your Own Day!

That's right! This year we are allowing you to choose any day during the month to apply the online promo code. Choose the day and order that works best for you. Remember though, you can only use the code once during the month.

The "Discount Day" Promo Code

  • Can only be used once per customer on one order
  • Must be used during the month of the featured manufacturer
  • Applies exclusively to the technologies by the featured manufacturer purchasable on airlinehyd.com
  • Only valid for one online order on airlinehyd.com
  • Code must be applied at time of online checkout

This Month's Featured Manufacturer:

April 2019 - 5% off all Haskel products

This month's promo code: PUMPITUP

Haskel International, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of high-pressure liquid pumps, gas boosters, air pressure amplifiers, and high pressure systems and accessories. For over a half-century, the Company has been recognized as a leader in high-pressure technology. Haskel’s products have a wide range of applications generally focused on the pressurization, transfer, storage or control of liquids and gases under pressure. Typically, the applications include pressure testing, work holding and actuation, transferring and mixing of liquids and gases under pressure and generally ensuring the effectiveness of the customer's production and quality processes. Haskel's products are frequently used in safety devices and the protection of the environment.

  • Air Pressure Amplifiers

  • Air-driven Liquid Pumps

  • Air & Hydraulic-driven Gas Boosters

We hope you enjoy the savings on your Discount Day!