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Technically Speaking Home >> Lubrication >> Product Spotlight - Lincoln FlowMaster II Drum Pump Unit

Product Spotlight

Lincoln FlowMaster II Drum Pump Unit

The Lincoln FlowMaster II drum pump incorporates many design improvements and performance enhancements to offer a more durable and robust lubricant pumping unit. The FlowMaster II simplifies and expedites the transfer of lubricant from any sized pail or drum (120#, 400#, 35#, etc.) to feed downstream lubrication demands. All major components have been upgraded, including the crankcase, reservoir, ball check, and follower plate—all improvements likely to extend the life of the product, as well as your investment. Confidence in this product design and quality workmanship is backed by a two-year warranty.

The FlowMaster II can be operated hydraulically or electrically, with options for AC or DC input voltages. The overall system design prevents the ingression of contaminants from external sources—often identified as the key contributor to premature bearing wear and failure. Unwanted contaminants commonly found in the lubricant can be removed using a Lincoln filter placed in the outlet of the pump. Lincoln also offers a number of accessories for the FlowMaster II, including devices to control the transfer of lubricant, monitor lubricant levels, system pressure, and a valve used to shut off the flow of lubricant.

A modest investment in a FlowMaster II drum pump and other Lincoln lubricant-dispensing products pays dividends when workers spend less time performing routine lubrication tasks and have more time available for revenue-generating activities.

Key Features

  • Common crankcase design for all FlowMaster motors (hydraulic, AC or DC electric)
  • Less susceptible to grease contamination
  • Pump and reservoir combination models are level sensor and shut-off system ready
  • Culmination of years of design and performance improvements makes this a premium-choice pump for single-line parallel lubrication systems
  • Two year warranty

Product Information