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Repair, Refurb, Retrofit, or Replace?

Choose the right solution for your hydraulic power unit

As a machine owner, you know that hydraulic system failures can cost thousands of dollars in downtime per day, so it’s imperative to quickly remedy the situation with the most immediate and cost-effective solution. In most cases, system or component failure is preceded by symptoms that should not be ignored. Excessive noise, vibration, an increase in leaks, pressure variations and overheating are all warning signs that call for immediate troubleshooting measures to minimize further damage to system components. Diagnosing the root cause and acting quickly can save you more than just money. It can save the reputation of your business which can suffer permanent damage due to excessive downtime.

Several options may exist to get your system back online. Should parts simply be repaired, or is it time to upgrade system components to the latest technologies that can yield numerous benefits? Below are some factors to consider when deciding on the best course of action.

  • Increased speed, precision, and other performance gains are realized with upgraded, higher quality parts and newer technologies.
  • Spare parts are more readily available allowing your maintenance team or repair facility to provide a quicker response to your service needs.
  • Modernized machinery is more energy efficient.
  • New state-of-the-art technologies comply with the latest applicable machine safety regulations.
  • Upgraded equipment operates more quietly.
  • Systems can be outfitted with IoT diagnostics and other automated equipment to perform machine lubrication and other routine or preventative maintenance tasks.

While upgrading components and technologies will initially cost more than simply repairing a part, long-term savings are almost always realized. Your Airline Application Engineer is available to evaluate your system and recommend the best option for your application.


Airline Hydraulics repairs all types of hydraulic components, including pumps, motors, cylinders and valves from all major manufacturers. Our machine shops are fully equipped and staffed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals, including MIG- and TIG-certified welders. All processes are monitored for quality and workmanship. All tolerances are pre-checked before final assembly. The final operation test is performed at the component’s rated pressure and flow to ensure it meets or exceeds OEM specifications before it leaves one of our shops.

Keep in mind that in many areas, repairs can easily be scheduled using Airline’s Red Pallet app. Simply visit on your phone, tablet or computer. Fill out the simple form to provide some information about your repair needs and click “Submit.” You will be contacted promptly with details regarding the pickup of your components.

Read more about our repair services…


In addition to performing individual component repairs as described above, we will give your system a complete “facelift” by eliminating any rust or residue buildup on your equipment. Parts that cannot be repaired will be replaced, and the system will be thoroughly tested so that the original performance specifications are met or exceeded.


Airline can assess your hydraulic equipment, recommend cost effective improvements, and replace older components with the latest products. We can also upgrade or reconfigure your inline components and fittings into one modular manifold assembly, reducing the number of possible leak points, making your system more streamlined and efficient.


For over half a century, Airline has been manufacturing hydraulic power units and building a reputation for engineering excellence. Companies across all industries, including many Fortune 500 companies, benefit from our engineered system expertise. Our customers rely on this extensive experience to deliver the best solution for each unique requirement.

  • We can design and build a unit that is custom-tailored to your individual machine.
  • We can build an existing model of an HPU we’ve built for similar applications.
  • We can source our world-renowned vendors, such as Bosch Rexroth and HYDAC, to build or procure your HPU.
  • Off-the-shelf configurable units such as Bosch Rexroth’s GoPak are yet another option.

Contact your Airline Application Engineer for more information on these and other options related to hydraulic systems and subassemblies, including custom manifolds, accumulator stands, motor/pump groups, winch skids, filter and cooling stands, lubrication systems, hose assemblies and more.