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Product Spotlight

Rittal SE 8 Series Enclosures

Is the new Rittal SE 8 free-standing enclosure series right for you? The answer to this question is an emphatic “yes” if you have made any of these observations or asked yourself any of these questions:

  • My application doesn’t require a heavy-gauge enclosure. Why are most freestanding unibody enclosures built like a fortress?
  • How much could I save by using a lighter gauge steel enclosure that meets the demands of my application?
  • Every time I need to move or make adjustments to my unibody enclosure I need an extra pair of hands or a lifting device. Is there an option available that is easier to move and manipulate?
  • How much more in freight charges do I pay to ship my heavy, bulky unibody enclosure?
  • Is there a enclosure on the market that facilitates cable entry and cable exit? I need a quicker and easier way to complete punch outs to extend the life of my tooling.
  • Why must it always be a challenge to work in my enclosure’s tight spaces and properly see what I am doing?
  • Is there a freestanding enclosure product I can get in a day or two from stock?
  • I really like using Rittal enclosures including the wall mounts, junction boxes, and especially the modular TS 8 series. I wish Rittal would offer an economical freestanding enclosure series.

The new SE 8 series freestanding enclosure from Rittal addresses all these pain points, and more. Rittal has introduced the SE 8 series product line with the specific intentions to offer a product that is readily available from stock, reduces the use cost , and offers all the benefits associated with a lighter weight enclosure. Best of all, the SE 8 freestanding enclosures typically cost 10 to 40 percent LESS than a traditional freestanding unibody enclosure.

The Rittal SE 8 series is abundantly stocked in 24 popular sizes and configurations. It is available in carbon steel and 304 stainless steel, with single or double door configurations, and types 12, 4, 4X, and 3R to withstand any type of environment. The rear wall of the SE 8 enclosure can be easily removed to provide greater access to the interior space. Detailed CAD models, drawings, and a configurator program are available for the SE 8 freestanding enclosure product line.

As an added benefit, those individuals already using the Rittal TS 8 modular series enclosures will discover that many of the TS 8 mounting panels, hardware, and accessories are compatible with the new SE 8 freestanding enclosure series. The SE 8 series was designed to mimic the body style, superior quality, flexibility and aesthetic appeal of the TS 8 modular series.

Key Features

  • Less expensive than comparable unibody enclosures
  • Utilizes internal enclosure space better
  • It is a lighter enclosure, which saves on freight cost, and makes it safer to handle
  • Lighter gauge skins allow for faster modifications, and easier door and rear wall removal
  • Globally certified, including UL, CSA and CE approvals
  • Normally Available with a 2-Day Lead Time

Product Information