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Airline is your Authorized Distributor of Haskel Products

Haskel International, Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of high-pressure liquid pumps, gas boosters, air pressure amplifiers, and high pressure systems and accessories. For over a half-century, the Company has been recognized as a leader in high-pressure technology. Haskel’s products have a wide range of applications generally focused on the pressurization, transfer, storage or control of liquids and gases under pressure. Typically, the applications include pressure testing, work holding and actuation, transferring and mixing of liquids and gases under pressure and generally ensuring the effectiveness of the customer's production and quality processes. Haskel's products are frequently used in safety devices and the protection of the environment.

Air pressure amplifiers

  • Infinitely variable outlet pressure and flow capability
  • No heat, flame or spark risk
  • No air line lubrication required - eliminates oily exhaust
  • Long seal life with easy maintenance
  • Wide range of models, controls and options
  • Wide range of standard and custom systems
Air-driven liquid pumps

Air Driven Pumps are used industrially to pump a wide variety of liquids, handling a consistency range from thin and viscous to thick slurries. The pumps are ideal when flammable gas is present, requiring no electricity to work and delivering constant flow and a consistently high pressure. Liquids handled include, but are not limited to – petroleum based oils, water, diesel fuel, most phosphate-ester based fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, petroleum based solvents, Skydrol and Aerosafe fluid, deionized water and demineralized water.

Air & hydraulic-driven gas boosters

Haskel Gas Boosters are used to clean and boost the pressures — up to 39,000 psi (2690 bar) — of most types of gas, such as oxygen, argon and hydrogen. A Gas Booster eliminates the need for potentially more costly gas stored in higher-pressure supply cylinders. Instead, you will be able to boost gas repeatedly to the required pressures in a safe, reliable manner, with no heat, flame or spark risk.

Gas Boosters are ideal for increasing gas pressure, transferring high-pressure gas, charging cylinders and scavenging.

  • Air driven - no electricity required
  • No airline lubricator required
  • Hydrocarbon free - separation between air and gas sections
  • Pressures to 39,000 psi (2690 bar)
  • Wide range of models
  • Built-in-cooling on most models
  • Easy-to-use automatic controls
  • Standard and custom systems available

As an authorized Haskel distributor, you can count on Airline for fast delivery of all Haskel components or customized turnkey systems, as well as high-pressure valves and fittings (for pressures up to 100,000 psi) from Haskel’s sister company, BuTech. We are an authorized Haskel repair facility and offer service, installation and repair on all Haskel components and systems.

Interested in what we offer from Haskel?

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