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Phoenix Contact


Phoenix Contact is a world leader for electronic components, systems, and solutions in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation. Phoenix Contact provides products for applications in a wide range of industries such as automotive, oil and gas, solar power, transportation, water management, and wind power.

Build your control cabinet with confidence by using Phoenix Contact products.
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The heart of your control cabinet is the logic platform. For OEMs and control engineers alike, it has never been easier to build smaller, smarter machines faster - and free themselves from using controllers and equipment based solely on prior familiarity or specification. Industrial PCs/HMIs and scalable controllers can streamline functionality, reduce equipment and costs, as well as usher in the next generation of intelligent machine control.

Power Reliability

Don't overlook the basics. No matter how sophisticated your control system, a "line down" situation is only one power disturbance away. Manufacturing processes depend on being properly powered and protected. Surge and circuit protection, UPS backup, and redundant power solutions are the foundation of your control system's reliability.


Every wire in your control cabinet is there for a reason. The connections of those wires-via spring, screw, IDC, or crimp-are only as reliable as the integrity of the terminations. For nearly a century, Phoenix Contact has been the trusted partner for reliable connections.

EtherNet I/P and Profinet

Liberate your EtherNet/IP application from dependence on a single vendor. Phoenix Contact offers EtherNet/IP IO, Ethernet switches, and wireless components to make cost-effective and open solutions a reality.

Networking & Remote

Smarter factories and convergences with enterprise IT are increasing the demand for remote access and collection of real-time data. With this power comes responsibility. In a single network, everything is vulnerable. Intelligent network infrastructure starts with the selection of switches, routers, wireless, and security components to harness opportunity and minimize risk.


Emergency stop, light grid or safety door - safety relays from Phoenix Contact can be used to implement all safety functions for applications with one function, one device.

Shop Floor Productivity

Time is money. Efficiently building a quality control cabinet starts with what you use to build it. Quick, flexible marking systems, automated tools and hand tools, cable/wire management, and cabinet accessories are often overlooked methods to reduce errors and cut commissioning time. Thoughtful selection of these "secret weapons" translates directly to the bottom line profitability of any shop floor.