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Airline is your Authorized Distributor of Rittal Products

Since 1961, Rittal has designed and manufactured the world’s most comprehensive offering of affordable, reliable and durable industrial enclosures. Rittal continues to expand their portfolio of innovative products beyond just standard enclosures – including solutions around climate control, IT infrastructure, power distribution and more. Their products can be found all over the world in some of the most rugged environments helping companies, large and small, automate their manufacturing operations.

Wallmount Enclosures

Large Enclosures

Climate Control

Hygienic Design

Human Machine Interface

IT Solutions

Power Distribution

Automation Systems

Wallmount Enclosures

In 1961, Rittal was the first company in the world to series-produce enclosures. It all started with the compact enclosure AE, the predecessor of the current AX series. From Push Button boxes to junction boxes to standard wallmounts – Rittal offers hundreds of solutions today for every application.

Small Enclosures

Junction Box – Carbon/Stainless Steel

Wallmount – Carbon/Stainless Steel


Slope Top/Hygienic

IT 19” Rack Enclosures

New Product – AX Series

Large Enclosures

Whether you are looking for a modular or stand alone solution, Rittal has a wide offering of large enclosures for every application.


The TS 8 modular enclosure system provides unsurpassed flexibility, scalability, strength, and durability compared to other enclosures on the market. No matter where you need them, TS 8 enclosures will maintain a clean, consistent environment even in the most extreme conditions.


If you’re looking for durability and customization, look to the SE 8 for freestanding or the TS 8 for floormount. The SE 8 offers dual-access (front/rear access) with a removeable mounting panel that makes it easy to install and access. Together with these features & the reversible door, modifications can be easily accommodated.

Hygienic Design

These large enclosures are specifically designed to meet FSMA compliance to deliver full protection from caustic washdowns to keep your vital equipment running. The external/joint-free blue silicone seal not only provides maximum protection but is FDA compliant for food & beverage applications.


The TS 8 Flange Mount Disconnect enclosure is tailored for the specific demands of North American applications and was designed to accept most commercially available operator handles. Its flexible, modular design is listed UL Type 12 and allows for easy integration into any industrial system.

Climate Control

No matter how you are trying to heat or cool your enclosure, Rittal offers solutions that offer both reduced costs and energy consumption.

IOT Interface

  • This can used to network Rittal components such as Blue e+ cooling units, Blue e+ chillers, smart monitoring systems, etc. with the customer's own monitoring and/or energy management systems.

Filter Fans

  • UL Type 12
  • UL Type 3R, 4, 4X, with optional Hose-proof Hood
  • 12–529 CFM
  • Tool-less Installation
  • Reversible/Diagonal Fan Motor
  • Roof-Top Design Available


  • Centralized, Efficient Cooling Using Water
  • 3,412–150,000 BTU
  • Intelligent Comfort Controller
  • Nanocoated Condenser
  • Ideal for Machine and Enclosure Cooling

Air Conditioners

  • UL Type 12, 3R/4, 4X
  • 6,000–20,000 BTU
  • Wall Mount or Roof Mount
  • Energy Efficient
  • Touch Screen Controller
  • Nanocoated Condenser
  • Multi-Voltage

Heat Exchangers

  • Air-Air or Air-Water Solutions
  • Roof-and Wall-mount Versions
  • 115V, 230V, 400V, 3~
  • Intelligent Comfort Controller
  • Energy Efficient
  • Maintenance Free


  • Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Technology
  • UL Type 12
  • Thermal Output 30–3,000 BTU
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Available With or Without Fans

Thermoelectric Coolers

  • Uses the Peltier Effect
  • 341 BTU
  • Compact, Lightweight, Efficient
  • Multiple Mounting Positions
  • 24V DC or dual 100–240V option

Hygienic Design Solutions

Rittal understands the challenges of meeting FSMA compliance and keeping your operations running at peak efficiency. Their Hygienic Design solutions deliver full protection from caustic washdowns and thermal management to keep your vital equipment running.

Terminal Boxes


Fire Extinguisher Boxes


Command Panels

Climate Control

Human Machine Interface

Rittal offers a wide variety of HMI solutions for all types of applications, all designed for user efficiency.


One/Three Piece Consoles

PC Enclosures

HMI Boxes

Support Arm Systems

Stand/Pedestal Systems

IT Solutions

From the RiMatrix S standardized data center module to efficient individual components, Rittal opens up new horizons in the world of IT.

Wallmount 19” Enclosures

Server Enclosures

IT Power

Monitoring & Security

Data Center Cooling

Preconfigured Solutions

Power Distribution

From small distribution boards, individual switchgear and control systems, to high-current power distributors for infrastructure and industrial applications – Rittal offers a proven, highly flexible power distribution system for individual requirements.

RiLine Compact Series

  • Up to 125A rating
  • Plug & Play Assembly
  • Manufacturer Agnostic
  • Fully Insulated
  • Modular Plug-In Modules
  • IEC & UL standard approvals

Mini-Bus Bar Series

  • Up to 360A rating (250 PLS, 360 Flat)
  • 3-pole only
  • Plain/Tin-Plated Copper options
  • IEC & UL standard approvals

RiLine60 Series

  • Up to 1600A rating
  • 3-pole only
  • Plain/Tin-Plated Copper options
  • IEC & UL standard approvals

Traditional Flat

  • Up to 4000A rating (800A UL rating)
  • 1, 2, 3, & 4 pole options
  • Plain/Tin-Plated Copper options
  • IEC & UL standard approvals

Automation Systems

Rittal offers several solutions that can help you increase your prodictivity as a company.


Wire Processing

Material Handling

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