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Safety requirements for workers in almost all industries have evolved to ensure that safety in the workplace is no longer an option. Government organizations around the world have made worker safety a priority for companies which has drawn even greater attention to the topic of safety. The latest product developments from the Schmersal Group have focused on advanced safety systems designed to satisfy the most current safety standards and regulations.

Compact Safety-Rated Limit Switches

Compact safety-rated limit switches are for determining the position of movable machine components or machine guards that can be moved laterally or rotated. The compact body allows these to be used in confined spaces to monitor the position or presence of moving parts, work pieces, or conveyed materials.

Safety Interlock Switches

Protects operators by not allowing a machine to start without having all switches in place closed and also powers off the machine if any switches are tripped.

Emergency Stop Pushbuttons

Command devices are of great importance for the man-machine interface in the area of industrial applications. For example, they are mounted in switch-boards, control panels, two-hand control panels, in lift manufacture and on materials-handling plants, including conveyors. Manual actuation of the devices starts operating sequences and functional processes or serves to bring these to an end.

Safety Light Curtains

Optoelectronic safety devices are used as entry, danger point or danger zone guards. Safety light grids and light curtains can be integrated into the safety concept of the machine or plant even under tight space conditions by virtue of their very compact design. These safety devices are also often used on presses to guard danger points or zones. Depending on the particular resolution of the safety light grids and curtains, protection of persons, hands or even fingers can be provided.

Safety Mats and Edges

Actuated by physical contact, tactile safety monitoring devices stop the hazardous movement. The diversity of applications requires constructively different devices.

Enabling Devices

Consent switches are used to protect persons from potentially hazardous situations where machine guards need to be inactivated completely or in part in special operating modes.

Door-handle Actuator

The operator does not have to press a button on an external switching plate when the solenoid interlock at a safety guard needs to be unlocked. The switching function is now exactly where it is needed: On the safety door handle which is used to open the safety guard.


Switches are used to give signals to start machines and to open or close electrically driven doors, gates and barriers.
The pull-wire switches are manually operated by pulling.

Safety Monitoring Relays

Suitable for signal processing of potential-free outputs, e.g. emergency stop command devices, position switches and solenoid interlocks.

Programmable Safety Controllers

Safety controllers are connected between machine guarding devices such as keyed interlocks, non-contact sensors, light curtains, etc. and the machine’s stop control elements such as a motor contactor or control relay. These controllers contain redundant, self-checking monitoring circuits and positive-guided relays and/or solid state outputs. Each is designed to detect faults in the safety system’s components and interconnection wiring, and their own internal monitoring circuits and output.

Interested in what we offer from Schmersal?

Call us at (800) 999-7378 or click below

Interested in what we offer from Schmersal?

Call us at (800) 999-7378 or click below