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Pneumatic Training

Pneumatic Training

Airline is proud to partner with Applied Motion Technologies (AMT), a technology training provider based in Bethlehem, PA. Tuition includes all training materials, breakfast items, morning and afternoon refreshments, and complete lunch.

Principles of Pneumatics (POP) - NEW AND UPGRADED FOR 2018

In this 4 day training class, learn how compressed air systems are used in industry. Understand how compressed air systems should be controlled for best performance because, if not properly controlled, compressed air systems/pneumatics can be, far and away, the most expensive fluid power energy consumer. Learn the operation of all of the major types of pneumatic valves, their function, their operation and their porting identification. Learn the proper way distributed compressed air plumbing should be planned and installed and what happens if proper distribution methods are not followed. Learn to troubleshoot pneumatic systems and 'read' and interpret pneumatic control schematics. Be ready to engage in hands-on lab exercises using real pneumatic equipment! Click here for detailed topical outline.

Major topics include:

  • Introduction to compressed air systems – compressors, pressure relief valves, compressor air regulation methods, conditioning, the receiver, compressed air piping, and service units
  • Pneumatic control valves and symbols
  • Understanding pneumatic actuators
  • Air pressure and air flow calculations
  • Proper air distribution piping layout and installation
  • Single acting vs. double acting cylinders – cylinder cushions
  • Indirect control/pilot operation
  • 3/2, 4/2, 4/3, 5/3, and 5/2 directional control valve characteristics and effects of various spool types in the control of a pneumatic cylinder and air motor
  • Pneumatic machine schematic reading exercises

PREREQUISITE: Exposure to or working with industrial machinery and/or processes - working in industrial equipment maintenance.

4 Days / Price: $1,350 per person


Click a link below to register

Industrial Technology Training Center (ITTC)
625 Linden Street,
Bethlehem, PA 18018

There are currently no classes scheduled at this time. To schedule a class contact training@airlinehyd.com.