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Chemical & Water Processing

Chemical & Water Processing

Chemical & Water Processing

Airline Hydraulics distributes a wide range of products for the chemical and water processing industries including pumps, drives, valves, cooling systems, fluid condition monitoring systems, and filtration equipment. In addition to filtration equipment for hydraulic systems, we offer automatic self-cleaning filtration systems for processing water and other low-viscosity fluids, such as fracking fluids. Another key product for the water and wastewater industry is automatic control valves with hydraulic, electric or mechanical actuation.

Airline also provides automatic lubrication systems for lubricating water and waste water valve actuators, which prevents costly downtime. And you can count on our diverse and talented personnel to provide technical support, field repair services, system design, and engineering of new systems or upgrades.

Featured Products
Ross Control Automatic Valves for the Water and Wastewater Industries

With its rugged piston-style design, a Ross valve offers unparalleled long-term value and customizability for any application. The Ross valve piston-style design provides extremely accurate flow control and is not subject to sudden failure. This has earned us the reputation as a manufacturer of the industry's most durable and accurate automatic control valves.

RF3 Back-Flushing Filter

The AutoFilt® RF3 is an automatic self-cleaning filtration system designed for continuous maintenance-free filtration for all major manufacturing and processing industries. It removes solid contamination from low viscosity fluids such as water and fracking fluids. Its rugged construction and self-cleaning feature provide companies with increased machinery reliability, resulting in reduced operating, labor and maintenance costs.

ABB/Baldor Explosion-Proof Motors

Baldor and ABB were recently selected by Chemical Processing Magazine readers as the technology leaders in industrial motors. In the 2012 Readers' Choice program, participants were asked to write in their choice of suppliers without any names or product brands to choose from. Readers selected Baldor and ABB four times more than our closest competitor.

SMC Series PAF Process Pumps

Designed specifically to meet industry demands, the PAF series diaphragm pump is constructed with no metallic body parts to ensure perfect compatibility when using high-purity chemicals. All wetted parts are made from either new PFA or PTFE, and the use of PPS/PFA dual construction improves both proof pressure and heat cycle performance. The PAF series offers a lightweight, compact, high flow rate solution to meet the most demanding needs.

Parker BPR50 Series Back Pressure Regulator

The BPR50 is a piston-style back pressure regulator designed to control upstream or back pressure with corrosive media and environments. The materials of construction in this regulator make it suitable for use where high pressure corrosive and noncorrosive liquids and gasses at pressures up to 2,000 psig.

Haskel/PPI Supercritical Fluid Systems

With extensive experience in high-pressure reactions and fluid handling, PPI is a supplier of fully integrated standard and custom systems for the evolving discipline of supercritical fluids. Components include extraction vessel, separator, high-pressure pump, and complete recycle capability. Among the available standard systems are a 4-liter R&D unit, and a Process Development Unit (PDU).

Featured Applications
Water Pump Stand Keeps Induction Furnace from Overheating

A manufacturer of induction heating furnaces asked Airline to design and build water pump stands for the cooling section of their systems. The cooling section of an induction furnace is extremely important to keep the heat load on the coil at the proper temperature so it does not get overheated and melt the element itself.

Airline engineers and technicians worked quickly to order the necessary components, manufacture the units and deliver the order within a critical timeframe. The completed units contained ABB and WEG electrical controls, WEG electric motors, Rittal electrical enclosures and various other components. In addition, each station required the welding of large amounts of copper tubing. The quality of work greatly impressed the customer, who has since placed orders for additional units.

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