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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Manufacturing medical devices and pharmaceuticals is extremely demanding, with stringent regulatory requirements and high quality standards. Equipment must consistently meet requisite specifications for production, precision, cleanliness and safety.

At Airline, we get it. That’s why we offer the largest selection of quality-tested components for pharmaceutical and biotech equipment fabrication and medical product manufacturing. In addition, we design and build process isolation enclosures, fume hoods, ergonomic workstations, automation systems and subassemblies. We carry products and design systems that meet required industry standards for safety (ISO, OSHA, NFPA, ANSI and more), environmental regulations, wash-down (IP67 and IP69K) and other manufacturing requirements. Airline also offers a full line of components, engineered systems and sub-assemblies for medical product packaging.

Over the years, we’ve helped major life sciences companies improve the performance, reliability and safety of their equipment – not just by supplying parts, but also with expert customization and design. We can:

  • Custom-design and build lab tables and ergonomic workstations for lean production systems
  • Custom-design, build, and install process isolation enclosures, fume hoods and cleanrooms
  • Provide automation and hydraulic engineered systems
  • Offer safety surveys, risk assessments and machine safeguarding solutions
  • Provide energy-saving products and solutions
  • Recommend ways to integrate Industry 4.0 technologies to increase efficiencies

Featured Project

A leading pharmaceutical company turned to Airline for customized isolation enclosures for their laboratory. Our application engineers worked with this customer at their facility to develop concepts based on their requirements. Our in-house engineers created 3D AutoCAD drawings and a proposal for review. During the development, Airline worked together with the customer to ensure the finished units would meet their needs. The order was placed, design finalized, and the bill of materials created.

Airline technicians then went to work assembling the enclosures using Bosch Rexroth aluminum structural framing and integrated all associated components, including safety interlock switches coupled with safety controls. The final laboratory isolation enclosures included fume hoods with a HEPA fan filter module with adjustable air velocity ranges, fluorescent light fixtures, and germicidal ultraviolet irradiator light fixtures that deliver 19.3 watts of ultraviolet output. Airline personnel even delivered and installed the enclosures in our customer’s lab.

These isolation enclosures are now a standard in the pharmaceutical company’s laboratories and Airline has built hundreds of units since.

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Featured Products
Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics VT-HACD Digital Closed-Loop Controller

Miniature ball screw assemblies are conventionally understood to be systems with a nominal diameter of 12 mm or less. Their miniaturized nut geometries are achieved through the use of optimized recirculation systems with very small balls. These ball screws are usually not preloaded or only slightly preloaded to ensure the smoothest possible travel.

Bosch Rexroth Lean Production

The MPS is positioned to benefit the medical and life sciences industry by enabling lean manufacturing, offering a full suite of ESD compliant products and cleanroom compatible solutions. MPS allows the user to design a work cell with standard, customer configurable workstations, flow racks, and workplace accessories. These in turn can be modified further with components from the Structural Framing System to fit virtually any application. The anodized aluminum used in the basic structures, combined with ESD compatible components, presents manufacturers throughout the medical device, analytic instrument and imaging system value chain with a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to lean manufacturing requirements.

Bosch Rexroth VarioFlow

High functionality and low cost make the VarioFlow modular conveyor system a logical choice for many pharmaceutical and medical packaging applications. VarioFlow's Adapative Modularity features, patented UltraCurve technology and wide selection of chain styles and widths make it ideal for today's flexible automation requirements.

Bosch Rexroth IndraDrive Cs

The IndraDrive Cs offers an extremely compact design for applications requiring power ranges from 100 W to 750 W. Space-saving construction, outstanding performance, industry-specific technology functions, and standardized SERCOS, PROFIBUS-DP and DeviceNet interfaces make these compact drives ideally suited to complex multiaxis and intelligent single-axis applications in the digital communication network. Built-in features, like absolute feedback encoder evaluation and cam tables and cam switch groups, allow sophisticated applications to be easily handled.

Omron ZFV Sensors

The ZFV proves that vision sensors can be "teach & go". Parameter settings are available at the touch of a button. A smart user interface allows intuitive configuration using a built-in color monitor. In Run-mode, the display gives live feedback showing results and images in real time. Ideal for pharmaceutical packaging applications.

ABB Compact Range Operator and Pilot Lights

The compact range is a cost effective “all in one” alternative to traditional modular series in most applications. The products meets protection degrees IP66, IP67 and IP69k and are also approved in accordance with UL Types 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 and 13. Contacts are equipped with a wiping action for high reliability. Contact carriers are color coded to indicate normally open and normally closed contacts.

SMC IR Series Precision Regulators

Series IR Precision Regulators are designed to be compact and light weight. The maximum set pressure has been expanded from the conventional 0.7 MPa to 0.8 MPa. Relief flow has been increased by nearly 5 times (compared to SMC IR201, IR401). The optional bracket and pressure gauge can be mounted on either the front or back of the unit.

Clippard EVP Series Valves

The S-EVP series Proportional Control Valves combine the features of the existing S-EV series valve — long life, low power, and Clippard's reputation for high quality components - with the additional capability of proportional control. The S-EVP series valve provides air or gas flow control, and varies the output flow based on the current input to the solenoid. All Clippard EV, ET, EC and EW series electronic valves are available manufactured and assembled for use in oxygen-enriched environments for applications that are extremely sensitive to contamination.

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