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Airline Marine & Mobile Systems, located in Ocean View, NJ is uniquely qualified to design, build, service and repair a wide range of hydraulic components and winch systems. We are a factory- authorized stocking distributor of quality marine hydraulic, pneumatic, and winch products used on fishing boats, workboats, tugs, dredges, barges, ferries, container ships, tankers and crane systems.

Capabilities (including but not limited to):
  • Hydraulic drives and power units
  • Pumps, valves, cylinders, manifolds, power units, and gearboxes
  • Vane and radial piston motors
  • Winches, pump drives and gear drives
  • Multiple disc clutches, shaft brakes and hydrostatic steering
  • Hose, connectors, fittings, clamps and hose assemblies
  • Lubrication components and systems
  • Filters, fluid service products and diagnostics
  • Engine controls, soft starters and marine electronics
  • Airline de-icing systems and anti-corrosion pipe wrap
  • Aluminum structural framing/customized shelving systems
Featured Products
Rexroth A11VO/1 Pump

Variable axial piston pump with swashplate design for hydrostatic drives in open circuit hydraulic system. The pump operates under self-priming conditions, with tank pressurization, or with an optional built-in charge pump (impeller). A comprehensive range of control options is available matching any application requirement.

HYDAC OLF Offline Filtration Unit

The OLF series of filters is designed to efficiently and cost-effectively filter hydraulic oils, lubricating oils, cleaning fluids and coolants that are highly contaminated. The filters can be supplied either as individual filters or as ready-to-install offline units complete with optional motor and pump units. OLF Series filters use Dimicron® element technology.

Kawasaki/Staffa — Radial Piston Motors

Staffa's performance and reliability is well documented with over 35 years of successful applications worldwide. Staffa motors are the choice of industry leaders to directly propel, drive, swing, or rotate heavy loads and inertias at low speeds. They are used on marine machinery, particularly on winch and steering mechanism applications, offering consistent, controlled acceleration of loads and smooth, steady, low-speed operation.

Kobelt - Electronic Propulsion Control

Kobelt provides a multitude of electronic control heads designed to handle one or more engines for marine propulsion applications. Available in various designs, color options and handle configurations, all units are constructed of durable bronze and stainless steel and built for maximum reliability and flexibility.

PullMaster H30 Hydraulic Planetary Winch

The model H30 is a high-performance, high-efficiency planetary winch with a rapid-reverse feature that provides for reverse or lowering speeds 4.67 times faster than forward or hoisting line speeds. All moving parts of the model H30 are totally enclosed and run in an oil bath, assuring long, trouble-free service with a minimum requirement for maintenance.

Walvoil SDS400 Sectional Directional Control Valve

The SDS400 is a sectional directional control valve for high flow, available for fixed displacement hydraulic pumps. It offers from 1 to 10 work sections, an open center and optional carry-over port. Walvoil sectional valves offer the right flexibility in a high technology system.

Murr Xtreme DB

The xtreme DB is part of a family of distribution blocks with ports for Deutsch connectors. This block is designed for the mobile controls market as it uses J1939 for communication. The family includes Input, Output and Combination blocks, each with amperages up to 52A. These blocks reduce your wiring efforts by minimizing the need for spider web harnesses, while at the same time allowing for shorter cable runs to each device. Each I/O point on the block has LED indicators along with short circuit and over current protection making troubleshooting a breeze.

Featured Applications
South Jersey Surf Clams ‐ The Sea Watcher I Clam Boat Winch System

The Truex Family, owners of South Jersey Surf Clams, designed a new clam boat called the Sea Watcher I. The family wanted to use a larger rope on the clam winch than had ever been used before. This required a massive level wind assembly to keep the wire rope under control. Airline's team from Ocean View, NJ was called in to design and build the main clamming winch, the bow thruster system, the haul back and factory hydraulic systems.

This was a challenging task in itself, but was even more difficult because the boat was being built by Patti Shipbuilding, located in Florida. Airline had the responsibility to design and install the piping, requiring Airline's engineers to visit the Florida shipyard on a regular basis.

Airline engineered both the winch design and hydraulic circuits. We also fabricated the main clam winch and oversaw the installation of all the hydraulics. The design utilized Rexroth piston pumps and valves, Geartek gear pumps, Kawasaki HMB700 motors, Gear Products pump drives and Fairfield gear boxes.

Once installation was complete, Airline's performance guarantee on all systems was initiated with a 30 hour sea trial to test the system in the ocean. Airline's Account Manager was on board when ocean waves reached 30 feet high! This was a very successful project and highlights what Airline does best: work closely with the customer and employ our many years of technical expertise to achieve an advanced design that exceeds expectations for performance, durability and customer satisfaction.

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