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Plastics & Rubber

Plastics & Rubber

Plastic and rubber production machinery requires the precise control of pressure, position, temperature and other parameters. Airline meets the demands of this industry by providing the hydraulic systems and controls required by both new machinery manufacturers and end users who need to upgrade existing machines. The latest hydraulic technology allows injection molding, blow molding and other plastic and rubber processing machines to run faster cycle times, with maximum repetitive accuracy, less scrap and greater energy efficiency.

From variable frequency drives and servo hydraulic pumps to high performance electro-hydraulic proportional valves, Airline has what you need for a wide variety of plastic production and processing equipment including injection molding, blow molding, rotomolding, thermoforming presses, winding and materials handling equipment. Decades of experience in manufacturing also uniquely qualifies Airline to support your top priorities for productivity, quality, safety, energy efficiency and cost savings. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of manufacturers redesign their machines to be safer, more precise, and easier to control.

Capabilities (including but not limited to):
  • Energy-saving hydraulic components and systems
  • Fluid filtration and monitoring
  • Lubrication components and systems
  • Manifold assemblies for clamp and injection
  • Sensors, electrical controls and indicators
  • PLCs and operator interfaces
  • Economical system or part upgrades
  • Equipment service and repair
  • Machine safeguarding services
  • Energy audits of your equipment
Featured Products
Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics VT-HACD Digital Closed-Loop Controller

Get more capabilities and flexibility in open- and closed-loop control, including the ability to nest loops. The VT-HACD series controllers are available in application-specific configurations to give you fast designs, quick changeovers, and precise control. The controllers significantly simplify machine design and operations, especially when used with Rexroth proportional valves.

Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics Sytronix Variable Speed Hydraulic Drives

These variable speed pump drives combine the reliability of powerful hydraulics and energy efficiency and dynamics of compact electronics. Using Bosch Rexroth Sytronix hydraulic drives can reduce power consumption by up to 80 percent, while maintaining the same level of productivity. Additionally hydraulic drive noise emissions can be reduced by up to 20 dB (A), cooling requirements are greatly reduced and the overall life of the hydraulic drive is increased.

HYDAC CA Series Compact Power Units

HYDAC "CA" Series compact power units are highly efficient in both performance and size. The units are specially constructed with oil-immersed pump-motor assemblies. In addition, modular valve packages are available to suit your needs. These short-term or intermittent duty-rated units offer practical solutions for a wide variety of unique applications.

HYDAC's Valves, Clamps & Accessories

This group manufactures highly engineered high-pressure ball valves, which guarantee safe and reliable operation. A complete range of DIN 3015 clamps for mounting hoses, tubes, and pipes is complemented by specialty and completely custom mounting solutions. Additional components for completing hydraulic systems include: reservoir accessories, fluid level gauges and sensors, bell housings, couplings and damping elements.

SMC IZS40/41/42 Bar Type Ionizer

Efficient work can only be done with well-protected machines. With GSM safety fences your operators, or the operators of your customers, get the highest level of safety. Constructed of welded steel frames for incredible stability and durability. Quick connect assembly system saves time and reduces labor. Systems available in a variety of heights and widths.

GSM Inc. Machine Guarding Safety Systems

Rapidly eliminate static electricity from plastic films, injection molds, and packaging materials. Bar ionizers direct ionized air particles toward the work zone with compressed air. Low maintenance electrode needle cartridges minimize contamination and are replaceable. Available sensors optimize ion balance or reversed polarity to reduce elimination time. Protect sensitive electronics with the low-amplitude Dual AC type.

Ross Controls Valve Package 2175C5912 for the Plastic Blow Molding Industry

Ross Controls designed and built this unique valve package with high pressure and a low pressure air inlet, individual outlet ports to each head and an internal check valve to prevent backflow from the high pressure side to the low pressure side. The valve elements are our proven high speed poppet internals and are contained in a compact, easily mountable design that facilitates easy removal for repair and replacement.

Featured Applications
Control Solution for Plastic Film Winding Machine

Davis Standard, a well-known manufacturer of plastic extruding equipment, asked Airline Hydraulics for a control solution for their high-end plastic film winding machines. Davis Standard already had a winding system that offered good pressure control. But they wanted to accommodate larger roll diameters and needed a pressure control system that could meet the challenge of maintaining consistent tension on the roll, even with this diameter and weight change.

With the help of Airline and Bosch Rexroth, Davis Standard was able to greatly improve the output and quality of their machines. Now the process is more productive and makes less waste. This is a great example of how Airline partners with its vendors to combine their technical expertise and collaboratively identify a solution for the customer.

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