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Power Distribution Products and Electrical Enclosures

When it comes to your facilities’ electrical power distribution systems, know you have a partner in Airline. As an authorized distributor of top-quality products, as well as being a value-added service provider, we are uniquely suited to be your source for power distribution and enclosures. We are preferred distributors for Rittal, Eaton, and many others electrical equipment manufacturers, and we are committed to serving our industrial end user market, as well as original equipment manufacturers.

Airline is an authorized distributor of quality brands such as:

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We serve a variety of industries such as:

Plant Floor / MRO

Power Generation

Food & Beverage



OEM drives

Unique, space - saving drives with programmable features provide valuable energy savings for OEM drives applications.

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General purpose drives

Engineered for today’s demanding commercial and industrial applications, these robust drives provide reliable, efficient and precise motor control.

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HVAC drives

Designed to significantly reduce energy consumption, these ultra-efficient drives increase cost savings for most HVAC applications.

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Wallmount Enclosures

NEMA protection ratings are ensured through a secure locking system, foamed-in-place gasket and knife edge perimeter. Features include a body constructed of cold rolled steel, steel doors and zinc-plated mounting panels.

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Standard enclosed drives

Innovative drives offer pilot devices, circuit breaker/ fused disconnects, input/output filtering and bypass capabilities.

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Freestanding Enclosures

Select from raised and removable 12" floor mounts or freestanding enclosures with or without base/plinth panels.

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Flex Center

The Drives Flex Center in Watertown, WI provides value-engineered enclosed drive solutions to fit exact specifications, from standard modifications to complete custom design/builds.

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Advanced VFD solutions

Engineered-to-order configurations with motor protection relays, custom bypass, custom enclosures and harmonics mitigation.

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Standard enclosed drives

Compact, space-saving and easy-to-install XT line of IEC contactors and starters is the efficient and effective solution

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XT manual motor protectors and combination motor controllers

XT IEC open non-reversing and reversing manual motor controllers combine a manual motor protector with an IEC contactor(s) to provide a complete motor protection solution.

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Electronic motor starters (EMS)

Full starter with built-in solid-state contacts and integral overload protection. Compact size and high electrical life make it an ideal replacement for traditional contactor/overload relay starter configuration.

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Floormount Disconnect Enclosures

These enclosures provide personnel safety, protect electrical components and support the addition of a flange-mounted disconnect handle.

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NEMA power control

Freedom NEMA-rated contactors and starters with solid-state and bi-metallic overload options; universal retrofit kits; UL listed.

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Specialty power control

Designed to deliver application versatility, simple configuration and high-performance operation.

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Rittal filter fans are adaptable with filter blankets, hoods and louvers.

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Solid-state starters (soft starters)

Control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors with current ranges from 0.8 A to 1000 A. Compact, multifunctional, easy to install and program.

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Motor protection

Providing the highest level of motor protection and versatility while maximizing uptime.

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Enclosed control

Expansive, flexible offering with a variety of modifications to meet your enclosed control needs

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Roofmount & Wallmount Air conditioners

Rittal’s roof-mounted cooling units ensures doors, side panels and escape routes are kept free. Electrical condensate evaporation, nano-coated condenser.

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Aftermarket and renewal parts

Extend the life of existing products with quality replacement parts.

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Push Button Boxes

The NEMA rated PB series pushbutton box enclosure is designed for indoor use to house pushbuttons, selector switches, and pilot lights. This enclosure protects equipment from dirt, dust, sprayed water, oil, and coolants.

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Industrial relays

Extensive relay line that can be customized to meet many application requirements.

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Programmable logic controllers

Ideal for lighting, energy management, industrial control, irrigation, pump control and HVAC.

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Operator interface

Features familiar, easy-to-understand control interfaces and command methods that are used in consumer electronics.

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Intelligent wiring solutions

Wiring solutions for control panels and OEM drives machinery that simplifies and consolidates complex circuit wiring into a single cable.

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Hygienic Design Enclosures

Our Hygienic Design Solutions deliver full protection from caustic washdowns and thermal management to keep your vital equipment running.

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Safety products

Created to enhance machine operator safety and machine motor control.

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Terminal blocks

Built for years of use under demanding conditions, these terminal blocks are available in three simple and reliable terminal connection styles with universal accessories.

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Pilot devices

Available in many shapes and sizes, these versatile pilot devices are ideal for applications in the North American (NEMA) and global (IEC) markets.

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Control stations

General purpose and heavy-duty options with fixed element or modular design to suit virtually any industrial or commercial application.

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Modular Enclosures

Modular enclosures provide the protection required for industrial drives, controls and other equipment. They deliver the practical flexibility to evolve with the changing demands of modern business.

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Control power

Wide selection of durable and reliable DIN rail power supplies, available in 12 and 24 Vdc, for general, compact and low-profile applications.

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Sensors and limit switches

Sensing option for many applications—from rugged, mechanically actuated switches to sophisticated, noncontact, sensing solutions.

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Power Defense circuit breakers

Eaton’s globally rated Power Defense circuit breakers increase personnel safety and provide a foundation for IoT, with embedded communications and metering functionality, helping to optimize your facility’s performance.

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Bussmann® series fuses, blocks, holders and disconnect switches

Eaton develops and manufactures Bussmann series fusible circuit protection, power management and electrical safety products for industrial, commercial and alternative energy markets.

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HMI Arm Enclosures

Rittal offers HMI solutions for all types of applications: Pendant arm systems, PC enclosures, industrial workstations and consoles. All designed for user efficiency.

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Power and distribution transformers and busway

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Medium- and low-voltage switchgear

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Medium- and low-voltage motor control centers

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Medium- and low-voltage drives

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With our preferred vendor status, we can offer the following services through Eaton and Rittal.

Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services

Predictive and preventive maintenance for generation equipment

  • Preventive maintenance and test of transformers, OCBs, SF6 breakers, circuit interrupters, cutouts, relays, switchgear, PTs, CPTs, CTs, reactors, grounding systems and lightning arresters
  • Transformer and breaker oil analysis
  • Preventive-maintenance program design and implementation
  • Partial-discharge testingvand analysis
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Thermographic surveys
  • Performance-based maintenance programs

Substation turnkey design capabilities

  • Crisis response—nationwide
  • Substation commissioning and startup
  • Substation operation and maintenance
  • Integrated project solutions
  • New substation design and construction
  • Energy management
  • Project management

Power system design and analysis capabilities

  • Arc flash studies
  • NERC compliance reporting
  • Coordination / short circuit/ fault current studies
  • Load flow / power factor studies
  • Grounding analysis/ ground grid design
  • Transient stability studies

Equipment life extension

  • Medium-voltage vacuum replacement breaker designs for most OEM’s breakers
  • Generator breaker replacements
  • More than 200 ANSIapproved designs
  • Switchgear modifications, bus-bracing analysis
  • Protective relay upgrades, retrofits and redesign; new doors, etc.
  • Add to existing switchgear
  • Energy management, PLC control and load shedding
  • System metering and control
  • Power breaker centers dedicated to the reconditioning of low- and medium-voltage breakers and contactors per ANSI C37.59-2002
  • Excitation system replacement and upgrades
  • High-resistance grounding system design and installation
  • Low-voltage replacement breaker (LVAR) and vacuum starter replacement (VSR)

Transformer capabilities

  • Bushing monitoring systems
  • Oil processing rigs—oil-fill/degasification/vacuum-fill
  • Transformer internal inspections, reblocking, rewinding, etc.
  • PCB disposal
  • Dress out / startup
  • On-site repairs
  • Power factor (Doble) testing
  • Tap changer repairs and replacements
  • EnvirotempE FR3E fluid retrofil

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Rittal Services & Support

On-site repairs

  • Fast expert assistance
  • Qualified technicians to handle any problems

Maintenance and spare parts

  • Preventative maintenance to safeguard the performance of your equipment
  • Worldwide availability of spare parts and multiple regional stocking locations
  • Customer-specific inventory of spare parts with service contract
  • Approved, OEM spare parts shipped direct from Rittal

Rittal Climate Inspections

  • Rittal Service expert will come to your site to inventory, document, and evaluate the state of the operating environment.
  • Enclosure cooling equipment will be checked for cleanliness, function, and serviceability.

Installation and Start-Up:

  • Installation/assembly and commissioning of individual devices or complete systems

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