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Primary Metals

Primary Metals

Airline has been working with customers in the primary metals market for many years. Our team is particularly well versed in the production and processing of steel, aluminum and specialty metals. Many in this industry rely upon Airline for our engineered hydraulic systems and top-notch repair services. Whether you have stamping, coiling, bending, stretching, or forging machines, Airline has the hydraulic and motion control systems, and expertise to give your machines greater reliability, precision, and the latest technology solutions. We carry hundreds of products for mills, furnaces, coke plants, casters, smelters, forges and foundries.

Capabilities (including but not limited to):
  • Hydraulic drives and controls used in sheet metal presses and other processes
  • Pneumatic "dancer cylinders" and linear guides used to control tension in the rolling of sheet metal
  • Servo motors used for slitting & die cutting of sheet metal
  • Electrical controls
  • "Crust-breaking" pneumatic systems to solve problems associated with aluminum smelting
  • Components and systems for lubrication, cooling, filtration and fluid cleanliness
  • Variable frequency drives and soft-starters
  • Drives and electric motors used to feed and stamp metals
Featured Products
Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Cylinders

Rexroth offers you a well-structured and systematically engineered range of hydraulic cylinders geared to your application requirements and conforming to NFPA, ISO, and DIN standards. Choose from: tie rod cylinders for operating pressures up to 3000 psi; mill type cylinders for operating pressures up to 5000 psi continuously; or servo cylinders.

HYDAC AutoFilt RF3 Back-Flushing Filter

The AutoFilt® RF3 is an automatic self-cleaning filtration system designed for continuous maintenance-free filtration for all major manufacturing and processing industries. It removes solid contamination from low-viscosity fluids such as water, oils and emulsions. Its rugged construction and self-cleaning feature provide companies with increased machinery reliability, resulting in reduced operating, labor and maintenance costs.

HYDAC CS1000 Contamination Sensor

HYDAC's CS 1000 Contamination Sensor is a reliable measuring instrument that is permanently mounted on your industrial equipment for the continuous measurement of solid contamination of fluids. Online, real-time condition monitoring allows you to have total predictive maintenance.

SMC Series NCA1 Pneumatic Cylinder

Series NCA1 medium-duty tie rod cylinders are NFPA-interchangeable, have a crimped piston rod assembly, are pre-lubricated and available in 11 mounting styles. Bore sizes range from 1.5 to 8 inches. Lightweight design. End-of-stroke air cushion is standard.

Ross L-O-X Energy Isolation Valve

Ross L-O-X® valves are energy isolation valves and are generally used as the first valve in a line supplying compressed air to equipment. Air can be shut off by pushing the red L-O-X® handle inward; downstream air is simultaneously exhausted through the L-O-X® exhaust port. Many standards and regulations, e.g. OSHA, require that the valve be padlocked in this position to prevent handle from being pulled out inadvertently during maintenance.

Argon is used in the steel industry to stir molten iron to disperse and prevent the formation of slag. Haskel gas boosters are used to boost and store the argon for injection into the molten iron via a porous ceramic plug within the ladle. This process improves steel quality and increases productivity.

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