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Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper

The production and processing of pulp, paper and wood products requires rugged industrial systems and components built to withstand harsh environments while providing precise control. At Airline, you’ll find all of the most durable and reliable hydraulic, pneumatic and automation components in the business – at competitive prices.

From hydraulic power systems to filtration and lubrication systems, Airline has what you need for lumber and pulp processing, wood product production and biomass production. For paper production—including fiber line, wet and dry section, coating, reeling, winding and packaging—we offer a wide range of automation components, electrical controls, machine safeguarding and energy efficient process solutions in addition to our hydraulic components and engineered systems.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of top paper and wood product manufacturers upgrade their equipment to be more precise, cost-efficient and reliable.

Capabilities (including but not limited to):
  • Mobile hydraulics, winches, hose and fittings for forestry equipment
  • Industrial hydraulic solutions for pulp and lumber processing
  • Pneumatic and automation solutions for paper and wood product manufacturing and packaging
  • Lubrication, filtration and cooling components
  • Filtration systems for process water
  • Systems engineering and fabrication for new equipment or upgrades
  • Equipment service and repair
  • Fluid condition monitoring
  • Machine safeguarding services
  • Energy audits and energy-efficient solutions
Featured Products
Bosch Rexroth Hydraulics VT-HACD Digital Closed-Loop Controller

Get more capabilities and flexibility in open- and closed-loop control, including the ability to nest loops. The VT-HACD series controllers are available in application-specific configurations to give you fast designs, quick changeovers, and precise control. The controllers significantly simplify machine design and operations, especially when used with Rexroth proportional valves.

Aventics CERAM™ Pneumatic Directional Control Valve

The first valve to utilize sliding ceramic plates for basic sealing functions, the Ceram has become the standard valve for many companies in the industry. The ceramic plates allow the valve to withstand harsh environments and typical "less than perfect" compressed air conditions. The ceramic plates shrug off contaminants that cause many other valves to fail. By outlasting the competition, the valve has saved the industry millions in maintenance and replacement costs.

SMC Series CS2 Lightweight Large-Bore Cylinder

In applications such as transport, where weight directly affects performance, the new CS2 Series offers all lightweight aluminum tube and end covers. This results in weight savings of up to 50% compared to steel construction cylinders. These lightweight options are available in bore sizes of 125 mm, 140 mm and 160 mm. Other features include its oversized piston rods which add to the overall cylinder strength, and the unique rod seal has been specially designed to prevent internal contamination. Finally, the CS2 utilizes a unique end-of-stroke cushion seal to reduce end-of-stroke shock and start-up problems.

HYDAC OKC Series Air Cooled Oil Coolers

HYDAC OKC Series Coolers use a combination of high-performance cooling elements and high- capacity, compact AC electric-powered fans to give trouble-free operation in hydraulic applications. The compact design allows the coolers to fit most equipment and provide the highest cooling performance in heat dissipation while minimizing space required.

Lincoln Centro-Matic Automated Lubrication Systems

Systems can service one machine, different zones on machines, or even several separate machines. Regardless of the application, the central pump station automatically delivers lubricant through a single supply line to the injectors. Each injector serves only one lubrication point and may be accurately adjusted to deliver the precise amount of grease or oil required. Centro-Matic systems can be designed with air-operated, electric, manual or hydraulic pumps.

Featured Applications
Major Paper Product Manufacturers Rely on Airline to Upgrade Equipment to Dramatically Improve Performance

Major manufacturers of paper products have turned to Airline to fix production inconsistency problems. Airline’s strength is our experienced professionals who can quickly identify the problem and implement the best solution. In one case, we recommended upgrading three press sections of the company’s paper machine with new Rexroth valves which have on-board electronics and built-in pressure transducers. The valves integrate closed-loop pressure control and this resulted in significant improvement in performance with very high accuracy and repeatability.

Another major paper product manufacturer asked Airline to upgrade an old “lowering table” on a tissue mill. Airline replaced an old control system with an HACD controller, manifold and two servo solenoid valves. The HACD was used to drive and synchronize two cylinders and the respective control valves. This upgrade made this old machine perform far more accurately and reliably than ever.

In each of these cases, Airline also provided start-up and engineering services and has since received subsequent orders for additional machine upgrades.

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