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Eaton XTSE Safety Contactors

Designed with the OEM and end customer in mind.

Providing enhanced levels of safety, XTSE contactors integrate to applications to not only achieve the highest safety circuits, but provide additional levels of protection that reinforce end-user safety. With all of the safety and half the cost, the XTSE safety contactor is a great substitue to Allen-Bradley Guardmaster safety contactors.


Safe status monitoring of the contactor (inspection window); manual activation is not possible

Eligible to be used for Emergency-stop application with controlled start (category 4)

Highlighted in yellow (RAL1004) —the international safety color

Integrated front mounted auxiliary contacts

SUVA certified


Up to 1.3/1.7 million switching cycles until 10% of tested and worn components have failed

Double box terminals for secure wire termination

Advanced coil design

Interlocking opposing contacts, in line with IEC 60947-5-1, Annex L

Mirror contacts in line with IEC 60947-4-1, Annex F


Only 45mm wide up to 32A

Integrated suppressor kit

Compatible with standard XT accessories

Rated for Highest Safety Characteristics

XTSE contactors are able to integrate to safety circuits for up to category 4, Pl e and SIL 3 applications. XTSE contactors are also SUVA certified.


Eaton safety contactors provide up to 1.3/1.7 million switching cycles until 10% of tested and worn components have failed.



Sample Application

Emergency stop dual channel with safety relay ESR5 (Category 4, performance level e, SIL Rating 3

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Eaton XTSE Chart

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