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Troubleshooting_Hints Troubleshooting_Hints

Knowledge Center >> Hydraulic Resources >> Troubleshooting Hints for Hydraulic Systems (Power Unit)

Noisy Pump

(Troubleshooting a Hydraulic Noise Problem Chart)
  1. Intake blocked
  2. Air leaks in suction or shaft seal. Air drawn in through inlet due to low oil level.
  3. Entrained air.
  4. Fluid viscosity too high.
  5. Pump running too fast.
  6. Suction filter too small.
  7. Loose parts in pump.
  8. Worn or damaged parts.
  9. Foreign matter drawn into pump.

No Pressure or Lack of Pressure

  1. Relief valve not working properly.
  2. Broken Line
(More on troubleshooting a hydraulic system pressure problem)

Pump Does Not Deliver Fluid

  1. Low fluid level in reservoir.
  2. Suction line blocked.
  3. Pump not priming
  4. Pump not being driven properly, or in wrong direction.
(More on troubleshooting a hydraulic fluid flow problem)

Fluctuation In Fluid Pressure

  1. Air entrainment
  2. Dirt passing through relief valve.

Excessive Heating Of Fluid

  1. Relief valve set to high.
  2. Unloading valve improperly set.
  3. System may require heat exchanger.
  4. Restricted lines.
(More on troubleshooting an excessive heat in hydraulic fluid problem)

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