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Machine Safeguarding

Machine Safeguarding

Machine Safeguarding
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Our MPSA (Machinery & Process Safety Assessment) Group has years of experience related to manufacturing safety. Our mission is to reduce our customers’ manufacturing-related accidents by providing assistance with machinery and process hazard identification, classification and reduction.

We provide two options for assessing machine safety: our Machine Safety Survey, which identifies the visible and hidden hazards of your machines and processes, or a full Risk Assessment. After uncovering areas in need of improvement, an implementation plan is put into place. Airline can also engineer and manufacture turnkey solutions to eliminate or control the risk.

Machine Safety Surveys
We’ll help identify visible and hidden equipment hazards and determine if you need a full risk assessment. Surveys normally take 40-60 minutes per machine, clearly rating risks as low-, medium- or high-priority. The survey helps uncover equipment shortcomings and flag equipment requiring immediate action. If needed, we will recommend you have a full risk assessment. We can also recommend solutions and cost estimates as separate reports.

Risk Assessment
Our thorough risk assessments identify points of hazard during all potential conditions, as defined in OSHA 29 CFR 1910, Subpart O, and comply with other federal and international guidelines. We also evaluate the probability of injury and level of severity, as well as the actual or potential exposure of all workers. We communicate findings to you throughout the entire process, which typically takes from 4-6 hours per machine.

  • We make industry-accepted recommendations to eliminate or reduce any mechanical hazards that have been identified.
  • We identify non-mechanical hazards that affect the control reliability of the machine. Control reliability non-mechanical hazards pertain to the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components and circuits, and their operations, related to the safety of the equipment.
  • We review all equipment usage documentation and the process used to determine operator training, outlining any evaluations, or detailing how conclusions were made to qualify users of the equipment.
  • We take into account the methods and procedures used in the processing, use, handling or storage of materials, tools and substances.
  • Our risk assessments effectively measure hazard severity, exposure and probability based on input from people familiar with how the equipment is used. A decision tree is developed to determine the total risk of the machine (based on ANSI-B11) or for each individual safety function (based on ISO 13849).

Turnkey Solutions and Validation
We can develop turnkey solutions to eliminate or control hazards and, if necessary, prioritize implementation. Our Engineering Group generates CAD drawings of machine guarding, designs the electrical control system, and manufactures the solution. We can also supply point-of-operation guards for lathes, milling machines and drill presses. We use safeguarding components from leading manufacturers, such as Omron STI, Schmersal, Pilz, Ross and Meltric, to ensure your turnkey solution will be in complete compliance with all safety regulations. Once a solution has been implemented, we will monitor and evaluate the system to confirm the risk is controlled.

Analyzing Machine Stop Times and Distances
We use a computer-based analyzer to accurately measure machine stop times and distances. Knowing these parameters gives you the ability to apply presence-sensing devices appropriately. We take the guesswork out of applying important safety devices to meet applicable safety standards.

Machine Safeguarding Seminars
Airline’s MPSA Safety Group hosts half-day or full-day machine safety seminars to help EH&S personnel, plant maintenance staff, plant engineers, production managers, and others responsible for the safety of plant workers stay current on changes in industrial safety laws and guidelines. These seminars often feature technical speakers from some of the biggest names in machine safety products who focus on current machine guarding and control reliability safety standards, including ANSI, OSHA, NFPA, European norms and CE compliance. Hands-on safety demos are used to reinforce key concepts. In addition, MPSA can customize a training session to meet your company’s most pressing concerns. Learn more.

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